Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous of Greater New York
      Welcome to SLAA - You are Not Alone

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) is a Twelve Step/ Twelve Tradition oriented Fellowship based on the
model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. SLAA is open
to anyone who knows or thinks they have a problem with
sex addiction, love addiction, romantic obsession,  codependent relationships, fantasy addiction and/or sexual, social and emotional anorexia.

Come join us at any of the 40+ meetings held weekly.  See our Meeting List page. 

If you need to talk to someone, please reach out. 

Phone: 646-703-0048

Leave a message and someone will be in touch. Please note that return calls will not come from the above number.

What's Happening!
Intergroup meets the first Sunday of every month, details below.  
Make sure your meeting has a rep, so your voice can be heard.

THE FOLLOWING MEETINGS (which meet @ ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Church School at on 135 W. 31 St, in MIDTOWN MANHATTAN) have not yet paid their annual facility liability insurance:
Monday "Anorexia" has NOT yet paid 
Tues. “Withdrawal” mtg has paid only partially 
Wed, "Fantasy" has NOT yet paid  
Thurs “LGBT Anorexia" has NOT yet paid  
Fri. “Anorexia” mtg has paid only partially 
Fri. “Becoming Unaddicted”has NOT yet paid 
Sat. “Beginners” has NOT yet paid  

Please see that everyone you know who attends these meetings (and ESPECIALLY the Chairpersons & other trusted servants) are notified of the following:

1) Annual facility liability insurance for our meetings to meet at St. Francis was (previously) due on March 1st, 2015.
2) EACH & EVERY group of our program who meets here needed to contribute $42.

In order to equally contribute to pay this, please Contact our Intergroup Treasurer at: to make a payment arrangement if you have not already done so.

a) The Classrooms at St. Francis where we meet are finally being renovated over the next few months! This means cancellation of meetings, depending on which classroom is being renovated at that time.
b) Length of time of renovation is not yet known. If you or anyone you know attends the meetings at St. Francis, please IMMEDIATELY contact our treasurer so that you can obtain the forms needed to request to be notified of room changes, before your meetings rooms become unavailable.  

To obtain forms, or if you have any questions... please contact our treasurer, Valerie @ She can also forward documentation of meeting cancellations to you, if you need it. 


Greater New York Intergroup provides information to sex and love addicts seeking help in the New York City, Long Island, Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey area.  For more information about how your meeting can send its contributions to Intergroup, and the 60/40 Way pamphlet, please go to our Contributions page.  

Intergroup Business Meetings:

For April, being that the 1st Sunday in April is Easter Sunday, St. Francis Education Center will be closed.

Due to Easter, April's Intergroup Meeting will be held on the 2nd Sunday (JUST FOR APRIL). 

Intergroup for April will be on Sunday April 12th,
same time & room as usual.

Normally, Intergroup is the 1st Sunday of each Month:  
      Time: 3:30-5:30 PM, Rm. #3.  
Location: St Francis of Assisi Church School (located between
31st & 32nd St.,
& between 6th & 7th Aves., near Penn Station). 

Please note, this is a monthly business meeting, not a recovery meeting, but ALL are welcome! There are many service opportunities!

Fellowship Information:

Hello Greater New York Area Meetings!  We need your groups CONTACT information, please!  Please email us at, with an email contact for Integroup only, to share information on meeting closings for weather, holidays and other SLAA related announcements.  Thanks so much!! 

Literature can be purchased by: 
  • Shopping online at and ordering directly from Fellowship Wide Services.
  • Email our local Literature Representive at
  • Visit us at our monthly Intergroup Meeting - details on the home page - typically meets the first Sunday of the month, at St. Francis Church, Room 3, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.